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About Us

Tomorrow, I will feel the soft touch of leather and cotton, the naturality of jute, suedes’ texture, the freshness of linen, that artisan caress. I will wear and enjoy, once more, those long, comfortable, beautiful, pleasant hours.”

Here at Aqua de Rosa, we pride ourselves in trading responsible, handcrafted jute and flax espadrilles that are timeless, versatile, authentically beautiful...

The kind of footwear that becomes your trusted friend, in any adventure.

But the pride in our products also comes from our company; a family-run endeavour lovingly crafted and curated from the ground up by mother-daughter partners: Ximena and Manuela. Their passion for versatile, comfortable, and eco-friendly footwear has taken them from shoe lovers to shoe traders, in a quest to merge artisanal traditions with our cultural origins and responsible fabrication.

Whether you've found your way to us in search of comfort, style, practicality or simply wish to incorporate more environmental responsibility into your wardrobe, our timeless designs are for you. Welcome to Aqua de Rosa, sustainable footwear responsibly brought from the hands of spanish artisans to the feet of slow fashion lovers all over the world.

Certified Organic Leather - Made in spain.